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The winter months are here so before you park your motorcycle or personal watercraft away

until spring, be sure to winterize your battery.


Yuasa Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of batteries for the powersports industries, is

offering tips on how to maintain a battery's optimum performance over the winter, as well as

how to ensure that the battery won't fail you next spring.


"Whether you use your personal watercraft or motorcycle often, once or never, it still is

imperative to check your battery for dependability because batteries have less available starting

power in colder temperatures," said Penny Guido, Marketing Manager. "Batteries do not

demand a lot of attention, but forgetting about them completely is like forgetting someone's



"If your vehicle is in storage or used infrequently, disconnect the battery cable to eliminate

drain from the electrical equipment," said Guido. For short or extended storage, remove the

battery from the vehicle and:


1. Check acid level - if low, fill with distilled water.

2. Charge battery to 100 percent.

3. Replace caps firmly.

4. Check state of charge every four to six weeks. Conventional types should

use a hydrometer; sealed YT, YTX types must use a voltmeter.

5. Check clamps, connections and exhaust tubes.

6. Check case for cracks.

7. Check cables for wear and cuts.

8. Keep battery clean and free of dirt, mud and grime.

9. Charge battery before re-installing in vehicle.


According to Yuasa officials, two of the biggest battery killers - sulfation and freezing - aren't

a problem if the battery is properly maintained and the water level is kept where is should be.


Reprinted from the Yuasa website