This is a copy of an article on Breaking in an Engine. I have done this Method with good success. Though the bike shop has opened up many a Wing, after many miles and not found anything wrong, and even have found original markings on the cylinders. This to say, that they are made tough and you can use less aggressive break in procedures if you want.


You've got two choices when it comes to breaking in a bike: 1) break it in per the manual for guaranteed best longevity, but maybe not best power, or 2) break it in the way all the major factory race teams head tuners suggest, to get best power - which should give just as good longevity, unless something gets hosed during the break-in (*very* unusual - unless it's a GSX-R750 SRAD), in which case you'll know it soon and it should be covered under warranty.
I always use method 2, and my interpretation of that is:

1. Always, during the whole process, vary the rpms continuously. Also, during the whole process, go on short 30 - 70 miles rides and then park it 'til it completely cools down (at least 4 hours) before riding it again. Don't go out and do 200 miles at once.
2. Keep it under 50% of redline and no full throttle for the first 100 miles.
3. Change the oil and filter after the first 100 miles.
4. For the next 300 miles use progressively more rpms and throttle. At the 400 mile mark you should be starting to use short bursts of full throttle to redline (not in 5th or 6th gears, however).
5. For the next 200 miles, basically do more of same - rides that aren't too long and let it cool all the way down. Gradually increase the amount of full throttle, high rpm operation.
6. At the 600 mile mark, change oil and filter again and inspect/adjust the valves.
7. Ride normally - except avoid long freeway cruising until you've got at least 1000 miles on the clock.
8. Remember that it's still breaking in up to 2000 or more miles. My motor got stronger and stronger until it had about 2500 miles on it.
9. I would not suggest putting synthetic or synthetic blend oil in until at least the 1500 mile mark. I happened to wait 'til the 2000 mile mark with my RR.