From  “The Educator”


Its time to start the application and renewal process for the rider education levels. All level renewals will take place at the beginning of the year, now. So I will make available the forms and you will need to give me the checks and copies of the things you need to give me for proof of level. Then I will send them in to GWRRA. I will make two mailings, at the end of January and finally at the end of February. After that you still can get the form from me, but you will then mail it in at your convenience. Below, I will list the needs for each level and the required cost, as well as the needs for the renewal. Please notice we will need a copy of some items as well as your money. CHECKS ONLY

LEVEL  1:  All that is required for Level  1, is to be a member in good standing of GWRRA. Cost:  $6 each. Included with this is a mileage pin, in increments of 5000 miles. So also know your mileage since joining GWRRA.

LEVEL  2:  5000 safe riding miles, since joining GWRRA or your last accident. Rider: Level  1, MC license or endorsement (copy), Riding Course within 2 years (copy),  Co-Rider: Level  1, Riding Course or GWRRA Co-Rider Seminar (copy). Cost  $5 each, renewal is $2 each. Update mileage pins, $2 each.

For the purpose of the Riding Courses, you can take, MRC, ERC, or GWRRA Two-Up, or Trailering course.

LEVEL  3:  Level 1 & 2, CPR or First Aid (copy), carry First Aid kit on Motorcycle. Must wear protective riding apparel. Cost  $4 each, renewal is $2 each. Update mileage pins, $2 each.

LEVEL  4:  Level  3 for at least one year. Have ridden 25,000 safe miles. Current CPR and First Aid (copies), Riding Course (copy), First Aid kit, proper protective gear,  Motorcycle license endorsement.  Cost  $35 each, renewal  $10 each.

The staff of G-2 would very much like to urge everyone to become a member of the Rider Education program. At minimum, by filling out an application and paying $6 you can begin the Safety process.


*** Correction to Level 4 participants. The District would like you to give your applications and money to the Chapter Educator for them to send in, instead of dong so, on an individual basis. They can better keep track of all the applications when sent from one person, for the chapter.


Rider Education Classes:  We will be offering a Co-Rider course and a First Aid course this winter. After the February and March chapter meetings we will hold the course at the restaurant. At this time, we are not sure which month will be which class, but we will let you know in the February Newsletter and by E-Mail. In addition, we will be offering two ERC courses, taught by our very own Larry McKay. Dates to be determined.


David and Kathy Bierman