From  The Educator


Friends of G-2, I would like to take my first newsletter article to introduce myself and let you know exactly what I would like to do as your chapter educator. Kathy (she’s the wife and boss) and I have been members of G-2 for about three years. Our involvement in the chapter started slowly and each year as we got to know our friends better, we became much more involved. Two years ago we were the photographers, and then we became the PR dept. which included Photo as well. And now, chapter educators. My riding experience, was not very formal in the early years, when I got my first 350 Honda at age 26. Even then, I was thinking of touring, because I put a rear box on the luggage rack, and roll over bars and highway pegs, and a Plexiglas windshield. I drove downtown and back every day it was mostly dry from March to December. Snowmobile suit and big leather mittens, I was young. As I watched the oil seeping out from around the head gasket, I realized I needed a larger bike for this highway stuff. I graduated to an XS1100 Yamaha Special. In those days it was considered a powerful sport cruiser. Not long after, I converted it into a touring bike. Hard saddle bags and a full fairing, radio and CB. After a two day trip to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, I was sold on touring. I came home and bought my first Gold Wing. An ’85 Interstate. After ten years I got my first 1500, and then traded it in for a ’98, when my ‘95 needed tires and a tune up. Not that I was lazy, but the price was right. Up until this year, my riding education came from reading books and articles and spending time in the parking lots with cones and talking with others, some of them members of the MSF classes. Then this year Kathy and I took  the 2 up ERC class at Wind Ding as well and the 2 up trailering class. At the moment we are only level 1 riders, but this year we should have enough requirements to reach level 2 or 3. As the chapter educator, I do have some ideas that I hope will contribute to the education and safety of the members of G-2. Through the GWRRA program, we can assist you in achieving the different levels of riding safety, 1 – 4. We will try to provide the proper classes needed for those levels, first aid, CPR, Road Captain, MRC and ERC. Through the newsletter and discussions at our chapter meetings, I would like to educate the members on group riding, a topic which needs much communication because it is one of the most common riding styles that we do in this organization. I would like to educate the members on motorcycle operation tips, that would lead to safer riding and easier handling of your motorcycle. I also think, that education can extend to proper clothing and understanding of your own physical condition while riding. Things like hypothermia and drowsiness, effects of medications, and heat exhaustion. As you know so many things are common sense, and many are already known, but they need to be said, to put them in the forefront  while we are riding. I remember a fall meeting when Steve got up and simply said, be careful of the leaves on the ground, they can be very slippery. Sure I knew that, but you can bet, on that days ride, I was watching for the leaves while riding. I will try and provide the established riding rules, but I will also bring out alternatives that have been presented or learned to those established rules, for you to consider. Something we can discuss and bat around, hopefully causing us to think and keep safety for fun at the top of our perceptive lists. Well, that’s who I am and my plan, I hope that Kathy and I will be able to increase your enjoyment as members of Illinois G-2. If you have any topics you want me to look into, just drop me an e-mail at


The Educator

David and Kathy Bierman